Vision and Graphics Lab

The Vision and Graphics Lab is a research lab in the Faculty of Engineering at Özyeğin University in Istanbul, Turkey. We specialize in developing state-of-the-art algorithms that solve various tasks within the realm of computer vision and graphics.


Topic 1

Image Processing and Manipulation

Image Processing and Manipulation pertains to the interdisciplinary application of computational algorithms to enhance, analyze, and manipulate digital images. This field encompasses techniques that refine image quality, extract pertinent information, and enable sophisticated transformations.

Topic 2

Computational Photography

Computational Photography involves the fusion of computer science and photography, leveraging computational algorithms to innovate and enhance various aspects of the photographic process. This dynamic field encompasses techniques for image capture, manipulation, and analysis, leading to advancements in image quality and ceative expression.

Topic 3

Computer Graphics

Computer Graphics with a focus on 3D vision constitutes a multidisciplinary realm that synergizes computer science and visual perception. This domain revolves around creating and manipulating three-dimensional visual representations within a digital environment. By harnessing computational algorithms, it endeavors to simulate realistic objects, scenes, and interactions, catering to realms as diverse as entertainment, design, and scientific visualization. This intricate interplay of technology and perception yields immersive experiences and analytical insights through the synthesis of visually captivating 3D worlds.


02 October 2023

Our paper, titled "Deterministic Neural Illumination Mapping for Efficient Auto-White Balance Correction" was presented by Furkan Kınlı at the Workshop on Resource Efficient Deep Learning for Computer Vision, held in conjunction with ICCV 2023.

01 September 2023

Doğa Yılmaz presented our work titled "Illumination-guided inverse rendering benchmark: Learning real objects with few cameras" at the Symposium on 3D Object Retrieval 2023 in Lille, France.

25 August 2023

The updated version of our website is now accessible online.

01 August 2023

Our paper "[Re] Exact Feature Distribution Matching for Arbitrary Style Transfer and Domain Generalization" has been honored with the Kaggle Outstanding Paper Award at the ML Reproducibility Challenge 2022. Congratulations to Mert Erkol, Furkan Kınlı, Barış Özcan, and Furkan Kıraç for their contributions.

01 August 2023

Furkan Kınlı has been recognized with the Outstanding Reviewer Award at the ML Reproducibility Challenge 2022. We congratulate Furkan Kınlı for this outstanding achievement and extend our best wishes for his continued success.

23 December 2022

Barış Özcan successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis. Congrats, Dr. Barış Özcan.